The Power of A Paper Aeroplane

It’s much more than a paper aeroplane… fun and effective exercise to help children with anxiety.

I want to let you how great the paper plane exercise can be. It’s not just about folding paper and throwing it out the window. It’s a special way for kids to let go of their anxiety and worries and have fun at the same time!

At Child Therapy Telford, I believe in utilising creative techniques to help children conquer anxiety. One such technique is the paper plane exercise, which goes beyond the traditional concept of folding and throwing paper planes. It’s a method that empowers children to let go of their anxieties, worries or unhelpful thoughts and experience play in the process.

Sometimes we carry worries and concerns in our minds, and they can make us feel heavy and stressed. But with the paper plane exercise, we get to turn those anxieties into something tangible that we can see and touch. We write or draw our anxious feelings and thoughts on pieces of paper, giving them a shape and form. Then, we fold them into planes. It’s like transforming our anxieties into something different, something we can play with!

When we throw the paper planes out of the window, it’s like we’re saying, “Goodbye, worries! Fly away!” It’s a way of letting go and allowing ourselves to feel lighter and happier. As we watch the planes glide, through the air we imagine our worries floating away, getting smaller and smaller until they disappear.

So, the paper plane exercise is not only important for releasing our anxious thoughts, but it’s also fun too! It’s a chance to be creative, to play, and to feel a sense of freedom. It’s a reminder that we have the power to let go and make room for more helpful thoughts.

Grab some paper and start folding those planes!

  • Gather a few sheets of paper and colourful crayons, felt pens or even paints.
  • Sit down with your child and discuss any worries or concerns they may have. It can be about school, friends, or anything that’s on their mind.
  • Encourage your child to write or draw each worry on a separate sheet of paper. They can be as specific or general as they’d like.
  • Once they have written or drawn their anxious worries, guide them in folding each sheet of paper into a paper plane. Show them how to make different plane designs and let them choose their favourite to support their empowerment.
  • Head to a window or go outside to an open area where it’s safe to throw the paper planes.
  • Explain to your child that throwing the paper planes symbolises letting go of their anxious worries and allowing them to fly away.
  • One by one, have your child hold each paper plane and say out loud, “I release this worry. Let it go!”
  • Together, count down from three and let your child throw the paper plane out of the window or release it into the open space.
  • Watch as the paper planes soar through the air, visualising their anxiety floating away.
  • Afterward, take a moment to talk with your child about how it feels to let go of their anxious worries and how they can focus on positive thoughts and any actions moving forward.

This exercise allows children to externalise their worries anxious thoughts and physically release them, providing a sense of relief and empowerment. It can be a fun and engaging way for kids to let go of their concerns and embrace a more positive mindset.

Child Therapy in Telford – Combining NLP With Creative Techniques

I specialise in child and teen therapy that incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). By combining NLP techniques with creative exercises like the paper plane exercise, we empower children to conquer anxiety and develop a more positive mindset. Our child therapy sessions in Telford create a safe and supportive environment where children can express their anxieties, learn coping strategies, and foster resilience.

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Louisa Gauld-Crichton – Child and Teen Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner

Child Therapy Telford, Shropshire


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