“My daughter has suffered from anxiety for several years, specifically social anxiety, which compounded into feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing. We had tried a number of different approaches before trying NLP, none of which had helped, so, although we liked the idea of NLP, my teenager was initially quite pessimistic about how effective the programme would be.

Louisa was very clear about what the therapy entailed and was very attentive in paying attention to previous triggers.

The sessions were extremely useful. My daughter learned to identify her own behaviour patterns and learnt, what I hope will be, lifelong strategies for dealing with stressful situations. She came back from every session with Louisa feeling empowered and positive and, because the therapy offers strategies, she is able to apply what she has learnt, so is growing in confidence almost daily.

I cannot recommend Louisa and NLP highly enough. Thank you”

Parent to 14 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford

“My child was struggling with his emotions, often getting angry with peers and had difficulty understanding himself.

Louisa’s approach seemed to fit well with his struggles, for example she had experience helping with ADHD tendencies.

He now understands why he would feel the way he did and accepting that it wasn’t abnormal, but learning ways to help manage how he was feeling.

It’s still early days but my son seems happier in himself and as a result his behaviour at home is more on an even keel. He also feels good knowing he has some techniques to draw on should the need arise.

I would absolutely recommend Louisa!”

Parent to 10 Year Old Male

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford


 “Just wanted to thank you again for your check-ins with my daughter after her sessions finished – we both really appreciated them thank you.

She’s still improving and I’m so glad we went through the process – we went to a friend’s BBQ the other day, which is usually a stressful situation, and I was amazed at what she ate!

You can’t put a price on the relief I feel now at times like that.

Thank you so much for everything, and I wouldn’t hesitate to get in touch in the future if I feel like we need a “top-up”.

Parent to 10 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford 

   “My daughter had severe anxiety to the point she needed medication from the doctors. She was having panic attacks everyday and was struggling to go to school. We found Louisa on the Internet after doing a Google search as CAHMS (BeeU) had a long waiting list and we hadn’t got time to wait as she was due to sit her GCSE’s. Since she has seen Louisa we have noticed a change in her.  She is now able to go to school feeling happy like she used to. She can go out with friends without crying and panicking beforehand and best of all she has finished her first week of exams with confidence.  My daughter still has odd moments when her anxiety flares up but now it is maybe once a fortnight instead of every day all day. She talks herself through her strategies Louisa taught her and does eventually manage to calm herself down. I would definitely recommend Louisa and it’s reassuring to know that she is there for us any time we may need her.”

Parent to 16 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford 

    “My 10-year-old daughter has always been a little on the anxious side but when it was starting to affect her mealtimes and her sleep, I decided to look at options to get some help. I liked the fact that NLP presented itself as something that seemed to be more on the proactive side, giving her the tools to better deal with situations as they arise, rather than simply sitting and discussing problems if you like.

The calming and personification techniques that she has learnt have been particularly useful if she has started to feel anxious at mealtimes and as a result, it has been noted by staff at school that she is eating more at lunchtimes which was such a welcome relief for me as this was becoming a concern. She has also been sleeping better and myself and my Mum have both commented recently that she is just generally more positive lately, whereas previously she would tend to err on the side of the glass half-empty mentality.

These sessions have certainly improved family life for us and given my daughter much-needed coping strategies that she will be able to use for years to come. Louisa was informative throughout the process, and it really does shine through that she genuinely cares about what she does. She built a fabulous rapport with my daughter pretty much straight away, and the sessions were always a pleasure, never a chore. I would definitely recommend Louisa to other families and would urge anyone to go ahead and book a consultation if they were at all unsure.”

Parent  to 10 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford 
and onsite at a Telford and Wrekin School.

   “My 9 year old daughter has always suffered with anxiety, but things reached a peak when she started to not want to leave the house because of this. She was also showing OCD tendencies with feeling like she had to keep going to the toilet and wiping excessively afterwards.

 We had an initial consultation with Louisa after coming across her details online.  My daughter immediately seemed relaxed in her company. 
During her sessions, Louisa gave my daughter lots of useful tools for managing her anxiety and we have noticed a big improvement in her general confidence and outlook on life since doing this. Thank you.”

Parent  to 9 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford

       “Our son was suffering from severe mental health problems and was at rock bottom, he had recently been diagnosed with Autism, had sensory issues, communication problems and severe anxiety. He was refusing to leave the house and hadn’t been to school for 9 months. We chose NLP as the website mentioned all of our son’s difficulties, we had got to the end of the road, so to speak, and could not get help from anywhere and decided to give it a try, we had reached desperation stages.

Our son agreed to give it a go and Louisa, the therapist we were going to be using, spoke to us and our son about how she was going to help put things back on an even keel. She understood what we were all going through and thought she could really help our son get a different perspective on what was happening to him, how he was feeling, and how he could change that with help. The changes we noticed were in small steps to start with, but our son was definitely calmer, he felt he had choices to make, and he felt that Louisa was really helping him to get his life back. We were so lucky to have found her, we could ask for her help, we could get advice and we didn’t feel alone. She taught our son coping strategies, he was able to control situations better without having a meltdown, he felt he had some control back in his life to make his own decisions of what he wanted. He felt able to talk to people about his needs, and could explain what he didn’t want and why. He is not the same child he was when he started with Louisa, collectively, we haven’t achieved everything yet, but he is well on the way, he is happier, his mental health is better, homelife is much calmer. Best of all he is in control of his life and can make the decisions he wants too, as he has learnt the coping strategies and uses them everyday.

We cannot recommend Louisa enough to other families, what she has done for our family is enormous, and without her our son would not have been able to achieve it, he would still have been waiting for help. Thank you so much Louisa.”

 Parent  to 14 Year Old Male

 Online and Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford 

     “My 13 year old daughter is autistic and was suffering from terrible anxiety about going to school.

Louisa was a welcoming, calm person who provided her with a new perspective without feeling judged. She has kept me informed and suggested techniques so that I can support my daughter between sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa to other families. She is now enjoying school again, thank you so much!”

 Parent 13 Year Old Female

 Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford

   “I contacted Louisa as my daughter was really struggling at school with her self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, conflict resolution and standing up for herself with her peers.

I chose NLP to support my daughter because I know how important it is to teach children about their emotional health and NLP gives children strategies that can support them to navigate challenges in their daily lives. NLP enables children to explore their thoughts, emotions and feelings in an age-appropriate way. They have time to process how their thoughts and emotions relate to their actions and are able to move forward in a positive way.

After the five sessions, I noticed a change in my daughter’s self-belief. My daughter now has more confidence in herself and her abilities. She especially enjoyed learning about the five things she can do to stand up for herself and for others. My daughter is now able to see that other children may be unkind but she has the ability to speak up for herself and ask for help when she needs it. Since the sessions with Louisa my daughter is able to share her feelings with more ease and we can now talk calmly together about how she can take action to either make a change or accept what has happened and move forward positively. She has more self-awareness and has made a new group of friends that are all supportive of each other. The sessions with Louisa have been wonderful, my daughter now recognises the importance of believing in herself and how this helps her to have control how she responds to others. Louisa is a lovely person, she is so kind, nurturing and very supportive to both children and parents. I would definitely recommend Louisa to other families who are worried about their child’s emotional health and well-being. I can’t thank Louisa enough!”

Parent 8 Year Old Female

Face to Face at Child Therapy Telford

“Mental rituals and repeating patterns were an everyday occurrence. We chose NLP as the approach was more focused on self help so the methods learned could be employed as the child develops through life. Our child found the motivation and perspective techniques the most useful and could employ them consistently.
The methods now employed allows our child to ‘nip it in the bud’ before it manifests itself, a great prevention technique.
We wouldn’t hesitate to use Louisa’s services again, our child found her engaging approach and self teaching methods easy to follow. On top of this, Louisa provided our child with a solid confidence that the issues can be addressed.
Thanks very much”

Parent 16 Year Old Male

Face to Face at Child Therapy Telford

       ”My 16 year old daughter was struggling with acute anxiety and emetophobia, which is a severe phobia of vomiting. After struggling for a long time and more recently getting worse, a friend of mine recommended Louisa and NLP therapy which I had not heard of before. After looking into this form of therapy I thought it could help my daughter develop different coping mechanisms to help ease her anxiety; in particular with school which was a big trigger for her. Louisa was very approachable, my daughter felt comfortable being open and honest with her and built a rapport very quickly. 

She had four sessions which my daughter came away very positive from each time. She really helped with giving her strategies to reframe negative feelings or emotions linked to experiences. She also helped with coping strategies during anxious episodes. I have definitely noticed a change in the intensity of my daughters anxiety and her approach to dealing with it. She is more positive in her outlook on her ability to cope and has been practicing the strategies Louisa has taught her. 

She has said she would like to have further sessions prior to big changes such as starting college. She felt Louisa helped her with confidence and how to deal with new or changing situations and how to think more positively in approaching them. I would definitely recommend Louisa to anyone with children experiencing issues with their mental health and I am grateful for her help.”

Parent to 16 Year Old Female

Face to Face at Child Therapy Telford

  “I have been struggling with anxiety for a while and recently it was getting worse so I was reaching out for help. I was recommended NLP therapy by Louisa , NLP therapy helped me be able to tell the difference between real life thoughts and anxious thoughts. Helped me get out of a routine of doing things subconsciously due to anxiety. I was also able to work on building confidence helping me with social anxiety. Since having NLP I have been able to accept anxious thoughts as just that and carry on. I have been able to go out and socialise in big groups of people and not shy away and have been able to be the person actually starting a conversation which is something I always struggle with.”

 Child 16 Year Old Female

Face to Face Sessions at Child Therapy Telford

   “I have struggled with my mental health for a long time now and wanted to change because it was taking over my life so I tried going to therapy and it’s helped me through so much just talking about everything and letting it out instead of bottling it up and I never have as many bad thoughts anymore”

Child to 15 Year Old Female

    “My teenage daughter had been struggling with her mental health for 18months or so. Diagnosed ASD and severe depression and anxiety were taking their toll on our girl. Trips to the GP, lost referrals & seeking help from school always seemed to end up getting us nowhere and we failed to see any improvement in her anxieties.
It got to the point where we really didn’t know what else to do! Feeling like we were at a dead end, I came across Louisa at NLP4kids and sent her a message asking if she could help. She was very approachable and answered all of our questions fully. She explained exactly how she worked and we decided to give it a go.
I’m so glad we found Louisa. Our daughter had several sessions with her one to one and was given strategies to help her to cope with day to day life. She also explained to her how to see things from a different perspective. She came out of each session feeling more and more positive and we started to see a huge improvement in her mental health. 
We still have a way to go but knowing Louisa is available should we require her help in the future makes us feel a lot more at ease.
Thank you, Louisa. We will be forever grateful to you for helping our daughter.
Parent to 15 Year Old Female

‘I feel my daughter has benefited a lot from working with you, I would definitely recommend your service.”

Parent to 14 Year Old Female

Online with Child Therapy Telford

  ”My 10 year old was experiencing anxiety and worrying excessively. This was severely disrupting her sleep which had a knock on effect on her daily life.I chose NLP as I was looking for some practical techniques to reduce my daughter’s anxiety. My daughter found it extremely helpful to speak to someone outside of the family who she really liked and could relate to. As a parent, I found it really helpful how Louisa sent an email after the session so I could help my daughter implement the techniques she had learnt during the session. Practical activities like drawing pictures relating to the area they were working on or making a poster for her bedroom helped to drive home the message. She also uses the breathing and anchor techniques all the time which has been a big help. My daughter’s sleep routine has greatly improved. Her worrying at bedtime has dramatically reduced. As she sleeps better, her mood during the day is much improved, which benefits everyone in the family. She is enjoying school much more and is much happier overall.”

 Parent to 10 year Old Female