About Me

Louisa NLP4Kids Practitioner

Hi I’m Louisa, I am motivated to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. I work  in and around Telford including, Shrewsbury, Newport, Shropshire and Staffordshire area. I help navigate young peoples emotions and behaviours to lead a more positive life!

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP is a type of therapy that helps people understand their emotions, thoughts and behaviours, with practical proactive tools and techniques which are easy to act upon (similar to CBT). As a licenced NLP4Kids practitioner I am well versed on techniques that are highly favoured in therapy! 

As parents it can be worrying, stressful and upsetting to know what’s the right thing to do and can be overwhelming not seeing the wood through the trees; other family members may fall into bad habits too and it can be a vicious cycle. This is where I come in, I work with your child to give a perspective on their thoughts, behaviours and even their physiology.   I practice as a licensee for NLP4Kids I am certified through ANLP (The Association for NLP Practitioners)

As a therapist my aim is to enable your child no matter what they have experienced  in the past can live a more fulfilled life whether it be help with a phobia, anxiety, anger management, confidence, low self esteem or even exam stress and school transition – there are tools that can be adapted. I put children, young people and families in the heart of everything I do.

The way I work is simple, relaxed, trusting and easily adapt to each and every child that I meet. The typical age of children and young people I work with range from  8-19 year olds. 

I offer an initial FREE consultation to ensure that your child and I are suited and that they feel comfortable in their surroundings and that they understand what they want to change and how I can help them.  I can offer online via Google Meets or face to face in my office in Telford. One to one sessions are planned on a weekly basis, this gives your child time to absorb the previous session and start putting what they have learned into practice.  These sessions last 1 hour with your child in which time they will be made to feel welcome, relaxed and have a bit of fun too! Typically sessions last between 5-10 which is a short time frame compared to other therapies like counselling for example. That’s where NLP therapy is favourable to people as changes can be seen very early on.

Interested? My office is based in Wellington, Telford, Shropshire.

Please do give me a call in confidence 07966 819194 and I’d love to tell you more how I can help your child turn negative emotions into more positive behaviour patterns

You and your family are not alone.