1:1 Therapy

I understand it can be difficult to decide what type of therapy that’s suitable for your child’s needs, there are so many options out there! this is why I offer a free consultation.  It’s a great way for your child to meet me and to see if they would feel comfortable to work with me.  

The consultation can be face to face at my office in Telford or via Google Meet. I understand it can be anxious meeting a therapist for the first time. This is why I make sure we have a safe space for your child meeting me in a non judgemental, comfortable therapeutic setting.  


  • Flexible therapy session time/days of the week to suit your child’s needs

  • FREE consultation worth £80

  • Pay as you go or block book

  • Remote online session or face to face

  • Solution focused approach – child centered

  • Shorter timescales compared to other therapies or CAMHS waiting list

  • FREE check in consultation 6-12 months post therapy

Although this list is not an exhaustive list,  NLP Telford child therapy can help with the following mental health issues:

  • School Refusal – Tears, tantrums, anger heightened state of mind, unable to relax and make friends, bullying.
  • Anxiety – Feeling nervous, not confident, twisting stomach ache, unable to concentrate, experiencing panic attacks, frequent toileting, heightened sensitivity, paranoid thoughts.
  • Depression – Not motivated to do the stuff you used to enjoy, withdrawn, no opinion on anything in life, face looking to the floor, no reason to live, tired.
  • Anger – Unable to get an opinion across, expression, frustration, snap, physical violence bullying, red mist.
  • Phobias – Strong sense, takes over any rational thinking, embedded in your head, reasoning has gone, debilitation.
  • OCD – Trying to control the uncontrollable, taking some control of something, consuming the main part of the day, and heightened anxiety if not carried out.
  • Low Self-Esteem – Lacks confidence, does not feel worthy, worries what people think of you, dislikes unfamiliar surroundings, negative self-talk.
  • Sleep Issues – Hard to get to sleep or wake up throughout the night, night terrors, anxiety anticipating going to bed.

Next steps…

Step 1 Speak with me on the phone as an introduction to how I work, and you can discuss any concerns that you would not like to say in front of your child. 

Call: 07966 819194  Email: Louisa@NLP4Kids.org

Step 2 Book in for a free consultation (worth £80) either held in the Telford office or via Zoom which lasts 30-40 mins 

Book here https://louisa-nlp4kids.youcanbook.me

Step 3 Complete a consent form, book a session and we can start helping your child become the best they can be

Child Therapy Telford